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Dr. Zebulan Hundley On How Values Determine Your Value



Image Credit - Dr. Zebulan Hundley

We hear a lot about values and core values in the workplace. But how important are they in leadership? As a leader, do your values ultimately determine your personal value?  How important is it that your values are in alignment with those on your team?

In this highly-insightful podcast episode, Dr. Zebulan Hundley explores this topic and much more.


Dr. Zebulan Hundley is an author, speaker, leadership coach, and the host of the podcast, Life-Giving Leadership with Dr. Zeb. With a doctorate in Church Leadership, Dr. Zeb specializes in non-profit leadership environments where volunteers comprise a majority of the workforce. His experience comes not only from the non-profit sector, but also from his time in for-profit corporations and in the U.S. Army. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Hope Church in Warner Robins, GA and has recently released his book, Learning the Art of Effective Leadership. Follow him on Facebook & Instagram @zebulanhundleyauthor


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