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Would you like to share your expertise, or your wisdom on leadership, self-awareness, purpose in life and in the workplace, or on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. If so, Leadership Addict, which will soon become the go-to resource for all things leadership online, is interested in potentially working with you. We’re looking for great, relevant content to share with our readers, while helping you get more exposure for your business.

If you have new content to share with our readers that will help them reach their full leadership potential, we are interested in potentially having you as a regular Guest Contributor. If you’re curious about the types of articles we like posting, take a gander through our website, look at the categories we cover, as well as the types of content we usually share.

Our guidelines:

• Leadership is our primary focus, and we like articles that fit in this genre. Anything outside of this will not be accepted.

• Make sure your article is between 500-1500 words. The article you submit should be a quick, personable, simple read with 2-3 key takeaways our readers can implement to improve their leadership. See the following post as an example of what we’re looking for:

• Please submit your article to Leadership Addict at Plain text is preferred. Microsoft Word or Google Docs are also accepted. No PDF or HTML files please.

• Using images is required; however, we will decide on the image(s) to use in your guest contribution. The only image with need from you is a professional headshot of you for the Guest Author Bio section at the end of your post. Please include two to three links that we can link to within your article (or in your bio section) to help promote you, your content, and your services.

• If your content relates to other existing content on our website, we reserve the right to link to it.

• We will not publish full articles already posted elsewhere.

• A short paragraph for your author bio with your first and last name will also be needed.

We look forward to bringing the best leadership content online with you!

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